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The Way Of Immovable Wisdom

When we walk the Path, we walk with the stones, with the moss, with the trees.

If the mind stops to view, it is filled with judgements.

But if the mind walks the Path and sees that all is the Path, the Immovable Wisdom of the Buddhas is in sight.

The Zen Peace Centre is a charity dedicated to awakening to the reality of our life and to the peace of the world.

Our aim is to build a functioning place for deep, quiet meditation – zen practice, and to create a community of Zen Peace Builders, re-defining kind social action within our society.

Our Zen community is made up of ordinary people, just like you and me,  from all over England, and all over the world, of all ages and professions.


The Foundation of Zen Peace Centre

The day of Shukke Tokudo for Jitei. This is the priest ordination ceremony with his ordination teacher Genshin Roshi.


What People Say About
The Zen Peace Centre

Refuges such as this are truly a treasure, especially amongst the urban bustle.  For me the missing link was community. Without it, Zen practice can easily become a solitary escape, haunted by doubts. Having dharma friends and a wise teacher transforms this, giving it life, focus, laughter and love. Come along and feel instantly relaxed and included by a lovely bunch just like you!

Craig McGill

Craig McGill

Suffering brought me here but coming here is not a cure or fix it, ultimately that’s our own job. What I find at Zen Peace Centre though is a helping hand; compassionate guidance and friendly community based in Love and Kindness. I’m heard and seen here. There is no hierarchy, only our humble and trusted teacher Jitei who’s commitment to Love and Kindness and selfess service serves as, for me at least, a role model for Peace.

Andy Farrell

Andy Farrell

The centre has been such a great help to myself and many others. It is my first time to practice zen meditation at this level and with such wonderful people who are so inviting 😊
It’s a great place to learn more about the practice and yourself. I am glad to have found this peace sangha in Lancaster…It will make your heart smile 💓🙏

Karen Devlin

Karen Devlin

In Service To All Beings

And For The Peace Of The World