Tracey Jardine

Charity Chair

Brief info

To this important role, I bring over 25 years of professional experience working in the public sector, predominantly in social housing but bring with me significant experience and skills in staff and budget management, service delivery, strategic partnership working, project management and public consultation. I have also been a trustee of two other charities.

I first came across Zen Practice several years ago when Jitei started his classes in Garstang where I now live with my husband and son.
Zen practice has become an integral part of my life and have I benefitted greatly from the teachings at the Centre. I am loving my journey. Our wonderful teacher Jitei and our group create a most friendly and welcoming environment for all who want to understand more about Zen and all the benefits it can bring to our lives and our sense of compassion for others.

As a trustee I am 100% committed to expanding our reach and enabling those who wish to explore Zen practice for themselves to do so by providing a safe environment where all can feel welcomed and cared for. No-one who embarks on this journey needs do so on their own.

In Service To All Beings

And For The Peace Of The World