Steve Mawby

Charity Secretary

Brief info

I have lived in Lancashire since completing my BSc in Building Surveying, in Preston, working in both the private and currently a senior building control officer the public sector side of the construction industry. I have also served as a parish councillor.

After experiencing a serious life event and finding my lifestyle mentally unhealthy I looked at ways to help find a better way forward with life. My personal experience has given me valuable insights into how mental health problems can manifest themselves, and approaches that are available. After trying many what alternative approaches to self-care I started to practice mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

Attending somatic meditation and then Zen meditation with Rev Jitei White at the Tara centre in Lancaster was a turning point. Practice has helped me deal with chronic pain and provided me with guidance in being at ease in the world and with myself; bringing compassion into my life for myself and others.

Having seen these positive effects, the Zen Peace Centre was the next logical step; bringing practice and action to a wider audience and create a positive impact for all people.

I am also in training to be a somatic meditation teacher.

In Service To All Beings

And For The Peace Of The World