Why we walk as Peace Pilgrims

Our vow at the Zen Peace Centre is to help humanity find peace with the earth.

“Walking with humility, with the intention of deep listening, I walk in my priestly robes, walking from place to place expounding the message of Peacefulness wherever I go. I walk witnessing the pain in the world, witnessing the pain in the hearts of people, witnessing the pain inside this Great Earth” Rev Jitei.

Together, we are creating a community of Peace Builders, YOU can be a force for change.  With your support it is our ongoing intention to take the Peace Pilgrimage to  leaders and business leaders and show how great we can be if our hearts are filled with kindness instead of fear. Maybe you would like to join us? Your support means so much to us. Together we are community, together we can all realise that our body IS the earth and then we need to be respectful of that.

Our Pilgrimage has begun, we hope that you will embark on this journey with us, for the sake of each other. May it bring us closer together in this world. With your support we can show the world how great we can be if our hearts are filled with kindness instead of fear.

2021 Peace Pilgrimages

I walk with my wooden staff, inscribed with the words of the Song of Compassion (Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo), a healing sutra.

With every stride the power of these words will resonate the whole earth, no place will be hidden from the sound of Great Compassion. 

Rev Jitei White

The Majesty of Respect for Others

“No longer is it right for anyone to stand back and be silent about the way humanity disregards the greatness of our lives and disregards our connection with our beautiful earth. Each of us is a being of such great action, of great hope and yet we are often told otherwise. Every one of us has a heart that can open to peace.

Society, community, is the majesty of respect for others. A society practicing peacefulness, fully enveloped in kindness is the maturity of our humanity. Nations practicing peace are not fueled by the continual preparation for war. We are so much greater than what we are told. Peacefulness and Kindfulness are not weak, they are the strength of our humanity and with them we know our true place on this great earth”.
Jitei White.


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