My Zen Journey – Dawn Lavinia

As a child growing up I have always felt that there was so much more than just living our life on earth. At the age of two, sadly, my father took his own life. My childhood was very difficult at times unfortunately due to frequent alcohol based domestic violence. Nearly all my life I’ve been constantly moving home to so many areas of the UK I’ve lost count!

Early on in my childhood I knew from the constant changing of schools and moving from one council estate to the next, that life is hard, there is much suffering. It was only later after much searching that I started to ask the question why?

Mistakes had to be learnt and life had to be lived to the full and yet this question haunted me, why do we suffer?

Last year a friend invited me to join the Tara centre Facebook, which one day Jitei’s post came up…’ZEN MEDITATION’. So having seen this fb post I knew instantly I had to meet this man, for some unknown reason?  On 4th February this year Jitei and I met at the tara centre. I felt a sense of worthiness, togetherness, for the first time in my life, just by sitting. It was a very special day for me. Since then I’ve been turning up and “just sitting”, many things have crept up from my past and by just going with the flow of emotions I’ve been able to let go. By receiving Jitei’s guidance and lots of support, everything around my life has immensely changed for the better.

My relationship with my children has most definitely deepened and so much happiness as evolved. I’ve been able to talk openly to my eldest child and discuss past issues which has helped with past sadness difficulties due to parents parting. We now talk openly, giving loving kindness and support to each other.

I’ve found my tribe at last. Sitting and of course drinking tea ️with you all is such an honour, By sitting strong with pure intentions our Sanga is beautiful and will naturally grow. Hand on my heart I can honestly say I’ve found my home. Jitei, I’m eternity grateful for this silly precious gem! THANK YOU ALL


  • Kylie Jefferson
    Posted 13 December 2018 1:55 pm 0Likes

    I know a lot about Buddhism, but your website is so great and so full of information that I want to start looking into it deeper. Thank you!

    • Mike Dawson
      Posted 13 December 2018 1:56 pm 0Likes

      The meeting will provide an opportunity for practicing Buddhists to take a fresh look at the stages they have already completed and to “reboot”, gain a foothold on the way, and beginners will be able to clarify difficult moments of the teachings.

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