Welcome to Beginner's Mind

An introduction programme to meditation

We’ve made this programme to be easy to fit into your life. There is a live interactive zoom sessions per week with opportunities to ask questions. And two live guided meditations on our Facebook page.

We have a dedicated private Facebook group that is only for our Sangha. A massive part of this programme is community, we want you all to grow together. The group will be filled with daily incentives so that you know that we are always here to support you. This support is so important in developing a daily meditation practice. The benefits to you will soon show themselves in your life.

The Beginner’s Mind programme is for you if : 

  • You feel stressed or anxious
  • You feel disconnected with life.
  • You want to have warmer relationships.
  • You want to feel healthier.
  • You want to feel peaceful in your life.
  • You want to learn an ancient system of meditation.
  • You are looking for direction in life
  • You don’t have to be a Buddhist or even want to. It is just a gentle introduction to how meditation can change lives.

Here's how to start...

Join on any day, the choice is yours. All sessions are easy for complete beginner’s, just click on the links below.


7:30 to 8:30 PM

We start with a Guided Metta Meditation. Loving Kindness is woven through a guided Somatic meditation to give a calming and relaxing end to a busy week. Then we have tea and a chat and time for reflection and for questions and answers. A gentle introduction.

Facebook Live

On the ZPC Facebook page


A short guided Metta meditation. We start by finding stillness in our body and mind and then offer Loving Kindness and Peace to ourselves, other people and to the world

Facebook Group

Our Sangha Group

A closed Facebook Group for all of our Sangha to connect together in community. It's a place to ask questions of each others' practice, to share and to make friendships with people on the same path as you. Jitei and other Sangha members will be here to help and guide you.

Zoom has been a lifesaver this year. We have found it to be really effective in teaching meditation individually and especially in groups. We have connected people from all over the world and many friendships have come from it.

So, Zoom is now our primary way of being in these strange and difficult times. If you feel anxious about joining on Zoom then please let me know and we could have a one to one meeting via a Messenger Video call. Just send me an email and we can arrange it, jiteiwhite@gmail.com

Getting Started

  • Join our online Beginner’s Mind sessions for meditation instruction and to get the ‘feel’ of our practice.

  • Join our  Private Facebook Sangha Group for daily practice support.

  • Start meditating regularly at home.

  • Start one to one sessions with Jitei to receive instruction in Shikantaza meditation, our core practice.

Establishing a practice


Committing to a Path

  • Participate in 5 and 7 day Zen Sesshin

  • Participate in an 3 month ango practice period

  • Join us on Peace Pilgrimage.
  • After an extended time of practice at the Zen Centre, students can work towards recieving the Bodhisattva vows.

One to One meditation instruction

When you start to feel more confident with the Beginner’s Mind sessions you may want to take the step to learn more about the practice of Zen, to learn more about yourself. 

In these one to one sessions you will be guided into our warm community of Zen practitioners by our resident priest Rev Jitei White.

One to One sessions last about an hour and can either be on Zoom or Facebook Messenger video. 

Please email Jitei directly at jiteiwhite@gmail.com to book your first session. Timeslots are available in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Please note that all our sessions are free of charge and as a charity we are only able to offer our sessions through the kind donations that we receive.

Session 1

One to One online meeting

We start with the very basics of the physical posture of Shikantaza, how we deal with thoughts and emotions that arise. We go through how we continue our practice in difficult times. We’ll go through any questions that come up too.

Session 2

One to One online meeting

We look at how your meditation practice is going at home and discuss any questions that may have arisen. We will go through the different online classes we have, the benefits of sitting together and the basics of ceremony that we do.

Session 3

Start sitting with online Sangha

We welcome you to our online sittings, to our warm friendly Sangha. We are a great support network for each other. Good luck on your journey of discovering your True Nature. Questions will always come, but we are always here.

This is whay people are saying about us

Refuges such as this are truly a treasure, especially amongst the urban bustle.  For me the missing link was community. Without it, Zen practice can easily become a solitary escape, haunted by doubts. Having dharma friends and a wise teacher transforms this, giving it life, focus, laughter and love. Come along and feel instantly relaxed and included by a lovely bunch just like you!

Craig McGill

Craig McGill

Suffering brought me here but coming here is not a cure or fix it, ultimately that’s our own job. What I find at Zen Peace Centre though is a helping hand; compassionate guidance and friendly community based in Love and Kindness. I’m heard and seen here. There is no hierarchy, only our humble and trusted teacher Jitei who’s commitment to Love and Kindness and selfess service serves as, for me at least, a role model for Peace.

Andy Farrell

Andy Farrell

The centre has been such a great help to myself and many others. It is my first time to practice zen meditation at this level and with such wonderful people who are so inviting 😊
It’s a great place to learn more about the practice and yourself. I am glad to have found this peace sangha in Lancaster…It will make your heart smile 💓🙏

Karen Devlin

Karen Devlin

In Service To All Beings

And For The Peace Of The World